Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bloody Mary

Good Evening, Bloody Mary.
May I serve you some Hong Kong Curry?
Bloody Mary shuffled her cards and didn’t
hesitate to sock it to the wait staff.
Shall I like some f*cking Hong Kong Curry?
and not asked.
Bones weaved in bamboo and burnt hair
on masks in a land named Hunger where
stories of Love in the Time of Cholera bleed and croon.
Finger tips are licked and we suck a little of each other.
My gown is the colour of your wine and you drink one
of me
with your eyes
and the
other with those
same sucking lips.
Shake my headboard like the early morning maracas!! and our forearms are
entwined with the music
and i hang from you with
no worry while our arrow
masters hallucinate and we are
wide awake!
now how about that f*cking Hong Kong Curry!
cried Bloody Mary.